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Join Affiliate Program

Affiliates Program

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3 steps only:
1. Sign up for your Tiger111hk Affiliate account 
2. Post your affiliate URL
3. Redeem referral points for Coupons or cash back

Referral get T-Money
When your referred customer completes an order, both of you will receive
T-Money. the referrer, gets the amount of T-Money equivalent to the order total times your affiliation level's T-Money rate.

Example: Assume Mary (who you referred) spent a total of $32.69 on merchandises and shipping fees and you are on our Standard affiliation program level (thus 10% T-Money  rate).  you the referrer will get USD$3.27 T-Money. Notice how you also get the decimal points for each referral's purchase. With these extra points, small orders would be meaningless to you as the referrer.

Note that refunds sent to referred orders will also cause corresponding Commission to be reversed.

How do I get T-Money?
You can get cash back or Tiger111hk.com Coupon. Cash back is sent via PayPal. T-Money earned are subject to a minimum limit of 45 days, to allow for refunds and any such issues. After the specified period, the T-Money can be used to apply for cash back at a rate of USD $1 per USD $1 T-Money (i.e USD$1 T-Money = USD$1 cash). You can apply for cash back with as little as  USD$0.5 T-money in your account.

And the apply for Tiger111hk.com Coupon is same the cash back rate ( USD$1 T-Money = USD $1 Coupon ) ------we have NOT any fee for you get cash back or Tiger111hk.com coupon .

T-Money rates seem low?
If you own a decent blog, forum, or even a website you can easily earn hundreds of dollars a day by posting some of our best sellers. Tip: begin looking on such places that generate a lot of views/replies like FatWallet.com and SlickDeals.net.

Don't be fooled by others who offer 5%, 10%, 20% or even more. The
T-Money is zero when their products don't sell. We can hike our prices and offer a 50% T-Money rate but it makes no sense to do that. We want to offer good service and products at reasonable prices and at the same time reward you for referring us to others who will also find our offers cool.

To keep things simple, like
T-Money, all shipping fees are also included in calculating the referral T-Money. Other sites normally exclude any shipping charges from commissions.

The starter program is there just to get 1%
T-Money rate .

Whatever you do
These are good sites to research on what products to post on your own website/blog/forum, not to be used as a tool to make money.
Also, we do not allow self- or fradulent referrals. Please do not abuse the program as it will not benefit anyone and everyone will lose out in the end.

How to Join?

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You must have registered on site and have a Tiger111hk account. If you don't have one yet, click here to get one. Upon submitting your application form, a Tiger111hk affiliate ID and URL will be given to you so you can start earning Tiger111hk referral T-Money immediately. Referral T-Money collected will show up in your Tiger111hk affiliate account.
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