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Target Deals FAQ

  1. What is Target Deals?

  1. What is Target Deals?

    Target Deals instructions :
    1. On the first page, can see the "Target Deals" grid
    2. Click the "More" button
    3. In Target Deals page, show out the product of target Deals.
    4. Choose the suitable product and click in.
    5. In product page, have include : product description ,
    time left ---- (5.1.a - This Target Deals have time limit , must take order before the end of time limit.)
    target quantity ---- (5.2.a --- If the order achieve the target quantity, Tiger111hk can e-mail to notice customer.
                                  5.2.b --- If the order can't achieve the target quantity, Tiger111hk have final decision to ship the product or cancel the order.
                                  5.2.c --- If cancel the order, The Company can return payment to the customer. )
    6.  Click the "Add to Cart" can start to buy the product

    " Target Deals "Terms and Conditions: http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/pages.php?pID=45

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