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Airsoft FAQ

  1. What is " CB , BK , CP , CADN , ACU... " ?

  2. Common Abbreviation

  1. What is " CB , BK , CP , CADN , ACU... " ?

    This is our Color or  Camouflage Simple Name Code



    Color / Camouflage Name

    ACU Army Combat Uniform  (Digital US Army)
    BK Black
    BL Blue
    CADN Canada Army Navy
    CADWC Canada Army Digital Woodland Camouflage
    CB Coyote Brown
    CP Multicam
    DC Desert Camouflage
    DDC Digital Desert Camouflage
    DWC Digital Woodland Camouflage
    GDDC Germany Army  ( Digital Desert ) Camouflage
    GDWC Germany Army  ( Digital Woodland ) Camouflage
    GDC Germany Army  ( Desert ) Camouflage
    GWC Germany Army  ( Woodland ) Camouflage
    ITWC Italian Army Woodland Camouflage
    NGWC New German Military Woodland Camouflage
    NOWC Norway Army Woodland Camouflage
    OD Olive Drab
    UTS United State Tiger Stripe Camouflage
    VTS Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camouflage

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  2. Common Abbreviation

    • ACU = Army Combat Uniform
    • AUG = Armee-Universal-Gewehr in German (Universal Army Rifle in English)
    • BDU = Battle Dress Uniform
    • Delta = Delta Army
    • DMR = Designated marksman rifle
    • FBI  =  Federal Bureau of Investigatio
    • MEC = Middle East Coalition
    • Multicam = Multi-environment camouflage
    • NYPD = New York Police Department
    • PDW = Personal Defense Weapon
    • PLA = People's Liberation Army
    • SAS = British SAS
    • SDU = Special Duty Unit
    • SWAT = Special Weapons and Tactics
    • U.S. Navy = United States Navy army team
    • U.S. Army = United States army team
    • USMC =  United States Marine Corps

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