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Articles by J Lee
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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Airsoft G17 Gas Blowback Pistol Review by J Lee Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Airsoft G17 Gas Blowback Pistol Review, Army G17 R17 review , Tokyo marui GLOCK17 review , Mister Glock 17 , KSC g17, WE g17,
Eyewear Standard by J Lee Topic: Airsoft Rules
History of Airsoft by J Lee Topic: Wargame
Airsoft also known as Survival Game. It is originated in the Midwestern United States in 50s. There were a lot of pastures in the Midwestern USA at the time. In order to manage the cattles and horses more easily, someone invented a CO2-powered gun which fire specialized pellets with paint, these pe...
Other Airsoft Equipments by J Lee Topic: Wargame
Camouflage paint military uniform Tactical vest Gloves Mask and safety googles Radio intercom Bbs & BBs loader Spare magazine Optical Gunsight / Laser designator Telescope Torch Rifle sling & swivel Boots Hard helmet Knee pads / elbow protectors Gun lamp Grip & Bipod Rail RIS Syst...
Passwords In Wargame by J Lee Topic: Airsoft Rules
WARGAME,WAR GAME,AIRSOFT,WAR,GAME,firearms,gear,combat,survival game, open country, outdoor sports, association, unity, cooperation, combat, competition, army, air soft,airsoft,airsoft accessories,airsoft ak 47,airsoft gear,airsoft gun,airsoft guns,airsoft machine guns,airsoft pistol,airsoft pistols...
Preparations for Airsoft Games by J Lee Topic: Airsoft Rules
Security preparations 1.Wear goggles and masks 2.Wearing a hole pattern of the sport shoes or boots 3.Wear gloves 4.Carry their drinks to be used for additional water 5.Spare warm-up exercises before the game 6.Enough sleep 7.No disease, such as colds, flu and the like. Notes 1.Do ...
Safety Rules by J Lee Topic: Airsoft Rules
Rule 1 : Always wear the safety googles to protect your eyes from BBs attack. Rule 2: Only put your finger on the trigger when fire. Rule 3: Do not point the muzzle of the gun at anybody or animals. Aim to the floor or the sky. Rule 4 : Switch the guns to safety mode before and at the end of the ...
Tiger111HK Apps Sticker by J Lee Topic: Periphery
Tiger111HK Apps Sticker
WARGAME at Night by J Lee Topic: Wargame
Gaming at night is more comprehensive than in daytime. It is because there are more concerns about lightening. Only moonlights, lights from torches or flashlights are available. And the present of shadows may uncover your position. Torches have to be used carefully too. It only help you looking for...
Wargame Game Types by J Lee Topic: Wargame
Fight to the death – Different teams are going to battle. The team that “kill” all of the enemies win the game. Attack and defense – One team attack and the other defense. The attack team have to “eliminate” the members from the defense team and take their base within limited time. Othe...
Which countries allow airsoft guns? by J Lee Topic: Wargame
Asia: Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macaou, South Korea and Russia etc. Australia: South Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and New Zealand North America: United States (except New York City Metro (5 boroughs), Michigan, Washington DC) South America: Argentina, Chil...
Which Guns are Recommended to Beginner? by J Lee Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Beginners are encouraged to do some research or join a trial game beforehead, to gain a better idea about airsoft as well as the basic equipments needed. We found that beginners are always confused by the vast variety of airsoft guns available in the market. This article tell you the main types of ...
Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 articles) Result Pages:  1