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History of Airsoft by J Lee

Airsoft also known as Survival Game. It is originated in the Midwestern United States in 50s. There were a lot of pastures in the Midwestern USA at the time. In order to manage the cattles and horses more easily, someone invented a CO2-powered gun which fire specialized pellets with paint, these pellets help cowboys to mark different colours on the bodies of the livstocks.

As the cowboys can fire the pellets far away from the livestocks, so they do not need to walk close to the livestocks which maybe risky. The cowboys love this investment so much and become one of the tools that equipped in every pastures. One day, some naughty cowboys shot the colour pellets at their friends and battled. Those was shot by the pellets have to buy beers for the others, and those had not been shot are called “surviver”. Therefore, it is named as Survival game.

After years, Cold War was broken out between the United States and the Soviet Union. In order to train a large number of CIA to attend the war, the survival game was introduced as part of their trainings. This linked up the game of survival with military activities. Veterans, retired police, and even survival of the militia consecutively set up the survival game club. Also, many companies add survival game into their training programme to train their staffs. The survival game become more and more popular and spread out.

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