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Galil ARM - Rifle by Dickson Alesd

caliber - 5.56x45mm M193

span - 979mm(extended)742mm(folded)

barrel long - 460mm

total weight - 3950g

magazine capacity - 35/50




Ghali the (Galil) rifle series,

is (Israeli Military Industries) designs by Israel's IMI completes,

 and carries on the production the assault rifle.

The Ghali rifle series,

and attaches the bipod ARM rifle,

the abbreviation foot rest AR rifle including the 5.56mmx45 long barrel,

as well as attaches short barrel's SAR the Cabeen three kinds. Moreover,

but also several kind of rifles are separately with these three kind of rifle same type,

 is only enlarges the caliber,

in order to be suitable for 7.62mmx51 this kind of large-scale bullet.

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This article was published on Thursday 10 September, 2009.
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