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Wargame Game Types by J Lee



  • Annihilation – Different teams are going to battle. The team that “kill” all of the enemies win the game.

  • Attack and defenseOne team attack and the other defense. The attack team have to “eliminate” the members from the defense team and take their base within limited time. Otherwise, the defense team win the game.

  • Wrest the flag – There is a representative flag at the bases of both team. The team that wrest the flag from the base of the enemy win the game. Sometime there may be only one flag at the field, so the team that wrest the flag first win the game.

  • Hunt for the boars – One or fews of the players will become the “boars” and hide in the battlefield before the game starts. The rest of the players have to find and “hunt” the “boars”.

    The “boars” usually will not be killed immediately or have several lives.

  • Ambushes – There will be more members in team A than team B. Members from Team B will hide themselves before the game start and ambuse members from Team A all along their way to the end point. Team A win if any of them reach the end point successfully.

  • Encounter – Different teams will start the game at different points. The fastest team that find and “kill” all the enemies win.

  • Reenactments – Usually, there is a theme like the Vietnam War, WWI etc. Players will dressed up and equipped themselves as in that war. The purpose of reenactments is to feel the scenerio rather than battle. Some of these events may even ban players from shooting.



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