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How to Buy



Step (1) : Pick a product name of your choice on Tiger111HK, you will then go to the product page of the selected item.
Step (2) : Under the Product page, click [Add to Cart] to add this item onto your shopping cart.
Step (3) : Under {What's on my cart} page, Click on [Continue Shopping] in order to continue shopping.
Step (4) : After you find another item you want to purchase, click on [Add to Cart] on the product page just like step (2).
Step (5) :

If you want to keep on shopping for more products at this point, go back to Step (3)

If you want to check out, click on [Checkout].

After pressing [Checkout], you will be directed to the {member login} page.

Step (6) :

Login under returning customer if you are an existing customers.

Go to New Customer section and fill in your information if you are not a member.

Step (7) :

{Delivery Information} - Please select your shipping address on this page, this means the purchasing products will be sending to the shipping address.If this is a gift to a friend in another country, please select your friends address in here. If the shipping address is incorrect, please press [Change Address] to change it.

{Shipping Method} - Please Select Shipping Method
(More information about Shipping Method)



Step (8) : {Payment Information} - Please select your billing address on this page, please note, Tiger111Hk will send a physical invoice to this billing address when necessary, so this address might not be same as the shipping address. If it is incorrect, please press

 [Change Address] to change it.

Step (9) : {Payment Information} Below -> {Payment method} - After confirmation of billing address, please select your payment method under the select of cash on Delivery, PayPal (Credit Card). (More information about Payment method)
Step (10) : {Order Confirmation} - After confirmation of payment method, you will go to the Order Confirmation page, please final confirm all information are correct on this page.
Step (11) : {Order Has Been Processed} - If you can view this page successfully that means your online order was success, thank you again.
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