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Legal Issues

Airsoft is a recreational sport enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world. While airsoft guns are technically toys and should not to be confused with more dangerous BB or pellet guns, some countries regulate airsoft as dangerous weapons simply for their authentic looks. If you are new to airsoft and would like to better understand how dangerous airsoft guns are, then follow the beginners link on the left.


Where is airsoft legal?

Airsoft is legal in many countries including the USA (except some states), UK, Canada (special circumstances apply), France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Japan, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Korea, and many others.


Will there be any problems shipping airsoft into legal countries?

With the exception of Canada, all countries where airsoft is legal will allow importation of airsoft goods. Canada's situation is unique in that mail order deliveries of airsoft is "considered" illegal by their customs agent, even though the sale of airsoft is tolerated in stores throughout their cities. Shipping accessories to Canada, however, is not a problem - only airsoft guns themselves are not allowed in.


I live in the USA and have heard about the orange paint and trademark laws

Airsoft guns imported to the USA must comply with special markings to denote that they are fake weapons. The two requirements are:


1. The tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel must be permanently colored in blaze orange

2. All trademarks that potentially infringe upon copyrights must be removed according to your local laws. If you are unsure, you should check with your local authorities. We are not always able to verify through the manufacturer whether they have the proper licensing to use certain trademarks (although they will always say they are!).


All guns complying with these 2 criteria will be guaranteed safe passage into the USA. Airsoft Tiger111hk complies automatically with these requirements for all orders delivered shipped to the USA.


Orange Flash Hiders on AEGs shipped to the US / Italy Airsoft Tiger111hk installs blaze orange flash hiders on guns shipped to the USA and Italy to comply with import regulations. We also ship the original black metal flash hider just in case the guns be needed for theatrical purposes. You can easily reinstall the original flash hider in minutes.


However there are some AEGs, including the MP5 SD series, the M1A1, PSG-1, the SG rifles, that do not have a detachable flash hider. In these cases, the tip barrel is painted with orange paint instead.


For customers who wish to use their guns for theatrical use, the orange paint can be removed by yourself using domestic solvents. For these customers, there are alternative methods for meeting customs requirements that may be less irreversible. However, we cannot be held liable for seizures if you choose to go with the less than 100% compliant methods. Please note that this may be illegal in your country and we recommend you check your local laws before ordering. We recommend you comply with the law at all times.


For all other recreational users, we recommend you do not remove the orange paint to ensure that you comply with US laws at all times.


I live in the USA and don't want my trademarks removed, nor do I like the orange paint. Can you ship the guns to me without removing trademarks and painting the barrel?

Please understand that if customs sees a gun that doesn't have the painted barrels and trademarks removed, they have every right to confiscate your gun. We are required by law to remove any potentially contentious trademarks (or where we are unable to verify if the trademarks have been licensed by the real gun manufacturers). We also MUST apply an orange tip to the front of the gun to comply with US Federal law.


If you are using airsoft guns for theatrical purposes or intend to keep them on private premises throughout their entire life on use, then removal of the orange paint requires some paint thinner, a rag, and some patience for removal. We however do not recommend removing the orange paint if the airsoft guns will be displayed in public.


I live in another country where airsoft is legal (e.g. United Kingdom) - what is done to my guns?

All guns mailed to all other countries other than the US are delivered "as - is" with no modifications, since no other country where airsoft is legal requires any kind of marking for importation.


There have been stories about seizures in even legal countries - please clarify

Seizures in all legal countries are very rare, and have never occurred in any other country other than the USA. In the USA, every now and then, there are customs agents who are shocked and simply scared by the sight of an airsoft gun. While rare, there have been incidents where an airsoft gun is held in customs until someone who knows what airsoft is clears up the misunderstanding and releases the guns. There are also cases where customers ask us not to apply red paint for guns destined to the US, and were unlucky enough to be spot-checked by US customs. Obviously in these cases, the guns would be held or seized.


What happens if my guns do end up getting seized for any of the above reasons?

Don't panic. You will not lose your money. In all cases of seizure, there are methods of appeals and resolution. In almost all cases, the guns will either be released forward to the buyer, or returned to Airsoft Tiger111hk. Handling procedures differ by country and you will be instructed accordingly in the unfortunate event that a seizure occurs.


In all seizures by US customs, the customs office will issue you an notice in case of seizure. The office will seek your approval to return the seized package to us. As long as you approve the release of the order back to Airsoft Tiger111hk, we will provide you with full store credit, or a refund.


It is important for us to emphasize that seizures to countries where airsoft is legal is extremely rare and in all cases have been resolved properly so as to prevent financial loss to our customers.


Where is airsoft not legal?

Airsoft is considered illegal in countries such as Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany (only semi-auto airsoft like pistols is legal, full automatic airsoft is illegal), Australia and certain states within the United States (e.g., New York City Metro (5 boroughs), Michigan, Washington DC). We have, however, been successful in making deliveries to certain countries / cities / states where airsoft is considered illegal. Enforcement of this law varies from country to country, and state to state.


I want to take the chance and order anyways

If you reside in any of these countries and wish to take your chances in ordering, we are happy to assist you. We do offer disassembly services to increase your chances of receiving the delivery. However, we cannot be held responsible if the order is seized by customs. In such a situation, as long as you assist customs in returning the order to Airsoft Tiger111hk, we can handle partial refunds on a case by case basis. Again, let us reiterate that delivering to countries / states / cities where airsoft is illegal puts the risk strictly on the customer and our money-back-guarantee-of-delivery does not apply for these destinations. In these situations, you will need to make payment to Airsoft Tiger111hk in full (via Wire Transfer or International Money Order) before we ship out. We will cooperate with you in whatever manner is required to increase the chances of successful delivery to you.


Disclaimer for Airsoft Tiger111hk Website

All trademarks stated within this site, or on any of the products, are property of their respective manufacturers. Licensing numbers and patent numbers are all included within the packaging of the product. We carry a large number or products and cannot, and are not able to, verify whether all manufacturers are licensed to use the trademarks they put onto their products. We do the best we can do verify this information prior to carrying certain products. If you purchase from Tiger111hk, you agree not to hold us liable for any trademark infringements that the original manufacturer violates. None of the Airsoft products carried on this site are manufactured by real gun companies unless otherwise and specifically stated. If you are a real gun company and suspect that a manufacturer might be using your trademarks without your prior consent, please report it tohttp://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/contact_us.php



The nature of Internet communications means that your communications may be susceptible to data corruption, interception and delays. Tiger111hk shall not be responsible for any detrimental reliance you replace on this website or its content.

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