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3 Mode No Battery Bike/Bicycle/Hand-Recharge Flashlight [B290B]
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3 Mode No Battery Bike/Bicycle/Hand-Recharge Flashlight

This Product adopts 3-Phase Brushless generator to generate the power to charge it's inside 80mAh / 3.6V NI-MH rechargeable battery after rectified and LED lighting model can be shifted by it's circuit control: 1LED on 3LEDs on-3LEDs flash-off for a circle. attached a bicycle mount as bicycle torch.

  • Rainproof
  • Never Needs Bulb
  • Never Needs Batteries
  • Flashlight Size : 70x41.5x41.5mm
  • Max Luminous flux : 6Lm
  • max. brightness : 50000 Mcd
  • Lighting time after 1 minute cranking (3LEDs) :  = / > 40 minutes
  • Lighting time after 1 minute cranking (1LED) ︰ =/> 90 minutes
  • 3 LEDs lighting time after charged fully : = / >  5 Hours
  • Flashing time after 1 minute cranking : =/ > 90 minutes
  • Flash frequency  : 2 Hz
  • LED Lifetime (Per one LED): 100000 hours
  • switch lifetime :  10000 times
  • the whole unit lifetime : 5 Years
  • Plastic part lifetime  : 5 Years




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