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   Top » Catalog » Airsoft Guns » VFC Airsoft Guns » VFC-ASW338-TN01
VFC APO ASW338LM Bolt Action Gun(ASIA Version)(Dark Earth) [VFC-ASW338-TN01]
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VFC APO ASW338LM Bolt Action Gun(ASIA Version)(Dark Earth)

Designed from original 3D drawings, provide by Ashbury International Group Inc, this fully licensed high-end airsoft rifle looks and handles just like the real thing. This precision airsoft gun features a monolithic full length top rail for scopes, as well as a carbon-fiber look for-end with bottom rail and side rails that are co-bore aligned for mounting bi-pods and other tactical equipment. The ergonomic folding Push-button adjustable shoulder stock, is custom fitted to the user with adjustments for, length of stock, cheek-piece height, and vertical recoil pad placement. It comes with a versatile adjustable, field Mono-pod, and a mounted muzzle brake, with a large 28mm external thread for quick mounting of a designated silencer ( not included). The magazine has a unique loading system which allows correct placement in the magazine well for added realism.
Delivered in hard-shell transport case with cut-out foam with additional room for bi-pod. An M90 spring is included.

ASG APO ASW338LM Airsoft Sniper Rifle by VFC (ASIA Version).
Spring Power Airsoft Sniper.
APO, ASG and VFC teamed up to produce the airsoft Replica to the ASW338LM with MOD1 Chassis.
Designed from original Ashbury 3D drawings.
Carbon Fiber / Steel /Aluminum Construction.
340mm Carbon Fiber Handguard.
Diecast Aluminum Receiver.
VSR 10 compatible inner structure and barrel.
CNC machined upper rail and components.
Steel charging handle.
Stock frame with Rubber Stock Pad.
Fully Adjustable Folding Stock (Able to adjust the cheek piece, Extend the buttstock pad).
Adjustable Height Folding monopod.
Adjustable grip to trigger distance.
Handguard with four 20mm rail for Flashlight or Laser Sight attachment.
Safe &  Manual Shooting Mode.
Adjustable Hop up System.
Non Slip Special Textured Grip offer firm hold.
Package comes with a 40 rounds magazine.
Ready to go for 400FPS without modification.
Package Come with Hard Rifle Case (890mm x 310mm x 110mm).

Specifications :
Length: 810mm (Folding) /1060mm /1110mm (Extended)
Barrel Length: ~490mm
Hop-up : Adjustable
Power Source : Air Cocking (Spring)
Shooting Mode :  Manual, Safe
Weight (Gram):8620(With Box)
Major Color : Dark Earth
Magazine Capacity :40rd
Materials : Carbon Fiber / Steel /Aluminum
Bullet Type : 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) : 400fps
Manufacturer: VFC



























This product was added to our catalog on Friday 14 September, 2012.
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