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D-Boys Metal 7mm Front Wiring Gearbox For M4/ M16(Version 2) [DBO-BI-15-FRONT]
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D-Boys Metal 7mm Front Wiring Gearbox For M4/ M16(Version 2)

For M4 / M16 Airsoft Electric Gun Series.
This COMPLETE all-new version DBoys reinforced RDW / PDW gearbox is a high performance, compact gearbox specially manufactured for the DBoys RDW [Rapid Deployment Weapon].
M120 spring, a reinforced set of metal gears, and premium grease lubrication.
Front wired gearbox, standard wiring on RDW AEGs.
Factory-installed 7mm metal bushings.
PDW Trigger and selector plate.
Include Fronr Wire.
Push connectors for fitting wires through delta ring.
Should work with many other brands such as JG, CYMA, Echo 1, etc.
Approximate fps w/.20g 360-385 (individual results will vary based on complete gun).
For Front Wired Guns (Not for use with guns that house the battery in the stock).
Ready to use right out of the box; professional installation is recommended/may be required.
Replace the original Gearbox of M4/ M16 AEG.

Built Material: Plastic & Metal
Over All Length: 166mm
Major Color: Black
Weight with Package(Gram): 602
Power (Muzzle Velocity): 360-385 FPS
Manufacturer: D-Boys



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