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CYMA CM607 M4A1 AEG Carbine / Rifle (Tan) [CYMA-CM607-TAN]
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CYMA CM607 M4A1 AEG Carbine / Rifle (Tan)

The M4 carbine is extensively used by the United States Armed Forces and is largely replacing the M16 rifle in United States Army and United States Marine Corps combat units as the primary infantry weapon. However, the USMC chose the full-sized M16A4 over the M4 as its standard infantry rifle. While ordinary riflemen in the USMC are armed with M16A4, M4 are used by troops in positions where a full-length rifle would be too bulky, including vehicle operators and fireteam and squad leaders.

In 1984, Colt began work on a new carbine design called the XM4 combining the best features of the Colt Commando and M16A2 rifles. In May 1991, the XM4 was renamed to the M4. In 1994, the U.S. military officially accepted the M4 into service to replace M16A2 in certain roles. The M4 carbine has also replaced most submachine guns and selected handguns in U.S. military service.

- Comes with Nylon upper receiver with 20mm top rail for optics
- Comes with Nylon lower receiver with "SAFE, SEMI, AUTO" shooting mode marking
- Comes with Nylon 20mm RIS handguard with dummy heat shield
- Comes with Metal outer barrel with detachable flash hider(14mm CCW)
- Comes with Nylon fixed traingular front sight with sling swivel
- Comes with Nylon detachable carry handle/rear sight
- Comes with Nylon delta ring assembly
- Comes with Nylon Fiber A2 pistol grip
- Comes with Metal 6 position stock tube with sling mount
- Comes with Nylon Fiber stock
- Comes with Nylon trigger, selector and magazine release
- Comes with Nylon dust cover, dummy bolt carrier, bolt release and forward assist
- Package includes Steel 350 rounds magazine

** Please note that Battery and Charger are not included. **

Length: 800mm / 880mm (stock extended)
Weight: 2364g (with magazine)
Color: Tan
Material: Metal, Nylon Fiber
Hop-up: Adjustable
Shooting Mode: Safety, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto
Magazine Capacity: 350 Rounds
Bullet Type: 6mm BB
Battery: 9.6V Battery (mini type plug)
Power(Muzzle Velocity): 380 FPS (0.2g BB)
Manufacturer: CYMA










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