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Articles by Dickson Alesd
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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Galil ARM - Rifle by Dickson Alesd Topic: Airsoft – Gun
caliber - 5.56x45mm M193 span - 979mm(extended)742mm(folded) barrel long - 460mm total weight - 3950g magazine capacity - 35/50 Ghali the (Galil) rifle series, is (Israeli Military Industries) designs by Israel's IMI completes, and carries on the production the assault rifle. The Ghali ...
Published: Thursday 10 September, 2009
La France M16K - Rifle by Dickson Alesd Topic: Airsoft – Gun
caliber - 5.56x45mm span - 610mm/686mm barrel long - 213mm total weight - 2500g magazine capacity - 20/30 M16K may say that is XM177 and the Car15 mixture. M16K is specially designs for the special army and the aircraft crews, both can provide the immediate high firepower, and easy to ...
Published: Thursday 10 September, 2009
What is in WARGAME the commonly used slogan and the hand signal? by Dickson Alesd Topic: Wargame
Stop The forehand five figures outstretch - static, stops the advance Hold The forehand grips tightly the fist - stop, is more urgent than stop, the member should maintain a posture immediately, do not make any sound Hurry Up Grips tightly the fist to shake fast from top to bottom backhand...
Published: Wednesday 02 September, 2009
China Type 97 - Rifle by Dickson Alesd Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Caliber - 5.56 x 45mm NATO span - 755MM barrel long -? Total weight - 3320G magazine capacity – 30 95 types 5.8mm the rifle in the army stationed in Hong Kong and will equip the entire armed forces gradually, Symbolizes that our country light weapons class has realized the historical le...
Kalashnikov AK 47 - Rifle by Dickson Alesd Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Caliber - 7.62x39mm Soviet span - 870mm barrel long - 415mm total weight - 4125g magazine capacity – 30 AK47 rifle (Avtomat Kalashnikova) 47: Kara Heeney might the husband (Kalashnikov) assault rifle 1947) Is one kind of assault rifle which designs by former Soviet Union's Mr. Mikhai...
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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