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Articles by Mark Fok
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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Assault Rifle type by Mark Fok Topic: Airsoft – Gun
H&K G11 H&K HK33 H&K G3 H&K G41 H&K G36 Colt XM177E1/E2 Colt M16A1 Colt M16A2 Colt M733 Colt M16K Colt M4A1 US M14 US M1 FNC FN FAL AK47 AKM SIG SG540 SIG SG550 SIG SG551 FA-MAS  Steyr AUG Japanese 64 types Japanese 89 types Galil AR Singapore SR88A Chinese 95/97 type...
Published: Wednesday 09 September, 2009
Minor equipment by Mark Fok Topic: Wargame
1. Camouflage paint military uniform 2. Tactical vest 3. Radio intercom 4. Spare magazine 5. Rifle sling 6. Optical aiming device fight boots, mountaineering boots 7. Hard helmet 8. The kneepad, protects the elbow 9. Commonly used tool 10. Colored wide adhesive tape
Published: Monday 31 August, 2009
Has other suitably to use in wargame the equipment? by Mark Fok Topic: Wargame
• Gun lamp • Grip & Bipod • Mount & Switch • Hydration System • Monitor & scope • Metal Tip • Rail RIS Systems • Sling & Swivel • Flashlight • Mask & Scarf • Hat & cap • Optics aiming device • Laser demarcation • Glove • BB , Loader & Tools
What Accessories we must have in wargame? by Mark Fok Topic: Wargame
Goggles - all admission must wear the goggles, prevents the eye to attack by bb Weapon Main clause: Air-gun as weapon BB gun, launch power main minute air. Electrically operated. Can the gas three kinds, as for carry on the re-equipping to the BB gun, then looked that plays the family to decide,...
What is Military camouflage ? by Mark Fok Topic: Wargame
Military camouflage became an essential part of modern military tactics after the increase in accuracy and rate of fire of weapons during the 19th century. Until the 20th century armies tended to use bright colors and bold, impressive designs. These were thought to daunt the enemy, foster unit cohes...
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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