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Hot ways of playing airsoft by Kisa

Hot ways of playing airsoft

Battle of Annihilationpurpose to annihilate the enemy;
the fastest team wipe out all enemy soldiers wins.

【Encounter】 quitting;
team A and team B
started their search and destroy the enemy respectively,
the fastest team destroy all the enemy soldiers wins.

Offense and Defense Battle】 Battle to conquer new territories;
divided into two parties: attacking side and
defending side,
the attacking side will assign more team members to attack the war area of the defending side.

Army Flag Grabbing】 to win victory by the speed of grabbing;
team A and team B will establish their flag,
the fastest team grab the enemy's flag wins.

Ambushes test your reaction;
more team members of team A will be assigned to start off from the beginning to the end,
team B will
hide themselves along the way to ambush,
team A wins if
anyone of team A reach the terminal successfully.

Protection of dignitaries practise your team's tacit understanding;
one of the members in team A play the role of
"dignitary", starting from the beginning to the end,
team B will
hide themselves along the way to ambush,
dignitary" died, team B wins ;
dignitary" reach the end successfully, team A wins.

This article was published on Friday 16 July, 2010.
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