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   Top » Catalog » Wargame » What country can use the air-gun??

What country can use the air-gun?? by Jack


The air-gun already was popular in Asian some countries and the area, including Japanese, Hong Kong, Republic of China, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, but South Asia's country then had the Philippines and Indonesia. Is also different as a result of the different country to air-gun's law, has sees in this, certain countries will only find the air-gun, the fitting, some will find air-gun's promotion or the strengthened components in the market condition. The air-gun still occupied half underground condition in mainland China, in name was still illegal.

Some Western country also starts to start the air-gun, particularly the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Italy, Belgium (here also welcome Holland to come to play family, but in Dutch this air-gun activity then illegal) with Denmark, they mostly conduct using the Internet and convene play the family.

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