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history of war game by O2

Field game also known as survival of the game, is 50 years originated in the Midwest kind of outdoor activities. Large Midwestern city in the livestock industry, vast grasslands have countless pastures. At the time, in order to facilitate the management of cattle and horses, cowboys, someone invented a color with a carbon dioxide-powered gun can fire specialized ammunition for the different color marking livestock.

As the color gun can not venture close to the animals, cowboys, like anomaly of this tool, quickly became the color gun rancher ranch necessary equipment. Later, a group of cowboys naughty in her spare time bombs started holding a color co-firing guns in the farm you have been hit the body of the people have to buy a case of beer dinner, was shot in the final no one can win several cases of beer, was referred to as "survivors", hence the name of survival game.

The following years, the United States and the Soviet Union entered a new peak of the Cold War. In order to train a large number of CIA agents of the survival game first introduced as part of their training, this is the game of survival associated with military activities began. Gradually, many veterans, retired police, and even survival of the militia organizations have set up the game club, and many companies also use it to train their own staff cadre, live games on this popular again.

This article was published on Tuesday 08 June, 2010.
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