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ColtM4A1 by Carco Han Topic: Airsoft – Gun
ColtM4A1 Length - 780mm (Retracted) / 861mm (Extended) Total weight - 3320g Magazine capacity - 20/30/100 Bursts speed - 700-950 rd / min Maximum range - 800 M Early design of the M4 Model 720 is a single hair, three hair, then later Colt M4 improved the M4 to the fixed handles...
Published: Friday 25 June, 2010
Heckler & Koch MP7 by Carco Han Topic: Airsoft – Gun
The MP7 essentially operates like a scaled-down assault rifle. It fires a specially designed, armor-piercing round with a muzzle velocity nearly as high as that of the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge used by many modern rifles. This ammunition is unique among submachine guns in that the bullet is made almo...
Published: Thursday 24 June, 2010
m249Squad automatic weapon/Light machine gun by Carco Han Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Specifications Length 1,041 mm (41 in) Barrel length 521 mm (21 in) Cartridge 5.56x45 mm NATO Rate of fire 750–1,000 rounds per minute Muzzle velocity 915 m/s (3,000 ft/s) Effective range 1,000 yd (910 m) Feed system M27 linked belt, STANAG magazine It fires...
Published: Sunday 13 June, 2010
Automatic Electric Pistols by Carco Han Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Automatic Electric Pistols AEPs were the first handguns to incorporate an electric powered system that is capable of fully-automatic operation. In cold weather, AEPs are often considered better sidearms than gas powered pistols, because batteries are not as badly affected by frigid weather. ...
Published: Thursday 10 June, 2010
M1911 pistol - semi-automatic pistol by Martin Dolan Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Caliber: .45 ACP (standard version) Barrel: Government type: 5-inch (127 mm) Commander Type: 4.25-inch (108 mm) Officers ACP Type: 3.5-inch (89 mm) Mode of operation: semi-automatic, rear barrel short stroke action principle, atresia, single action Height (government type): 5.25 in...
Published: Thursday 03 June, 2010
MG4 Light machine gun- long gun by O2 Topic: Airsoft – Gun
MG4 The MG4 Type Light machine gun Weight 8.15 kg (17.97 lb) (MG4) 7.90 kg (17.4 lb) (MG4E) 7.70 kg (17.0 lb) (MG4KE) Length 1,030 mm (40.6 in) stock extended / 830 mm (32.7 in) stock folded (MG4, MG4E) 950 mm (37.4 in) stock extended / 750 mm (29.5 in) stock folded (MG4KE) ...
Published: Thursday 03 June, 2010
The IMI Uzi submachine gun by Carco Han Topic: Airsoft – Gun
The IMI Uzi submachine gun Length 640 mm ,stock extended 470 mm ,stock collapsed Barrel length 260 mm Rate of fire 600 rounds/min Muzzle velocity 390 m/s Effective range 100 m Maximum range 200 m Design With relatively few moving parts, the Uzi is easy to strip for ma...
Published: Thursday 03 June, 2010
AKS-74U-Sub-Sub-Machine by Jack Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Caliber - 5.45x39mm span - 730mm(extended) 490mm(folded) barrel long - 210mm total weight - 2710g magazine capacity - 20/30 The former Soviet Union Red Army is the world allocates submachine gun's army massively most early, is also with the submachine gun most experienced country. Soviet Unio...
Published: Tuesday 22 September, 2009
Galil ARM - Rifle by Dickson Alesd Topic: Airsoft – Gun
caliber - 5.56x45mm M193 span - 979mm(extended)742mm(folded) barrel long - 460mm total weight - 3950g magazine capacity - 35/50 Ghali the (Galil) rifle series, is (Israeli Military Industries) designs by Israel's IMI completes, and carries on the production the assault rifle. The Ghali ...
Published: Thursday 10 September, 2009
La France M16K - Rifle by Dickson Alesd Topic: Airsoft – Gun
caliber - 5.56x45mm span - 610mm/686mm barrel long - 213mm total weight - 2500g magazine capacity - 20/30 M16K may say that is XM177 and the Car15 mixture. M16K is specially designs for the special army and the aircraft crews, both can provide the immediate high firepower, and easy to ...
Published: Thursday 10 September, 2009
Assault Rifle type by Mark Fok Topic: Airsoft – Gun
H&K G11 H&K HK33 H&K G3 H&K G41 H&K G36 Colt XM177E1/E2 Colt M16A1 Colt M16A2 Colt M733 Colt M16K Colt M4A1 US M14 US M1 FNC FN FAL AK47 AKM SIG SG540 SIG SG550 SIG SG551 FA-MASγ€€ Steyr AUG Japanese 64 types Japanese 89 types Galil AR Singapore SR88A Chinese 95/97 type...
Published: Wednesday 09 September, 2009
Springfield XD - Pistol by Martin Dolan Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Springfield Armory the XD series pistol is not originally by the Springfield corporate design and the production, its source area is Croatia, a named Kaerluo watts city. Develops this pistol's company is HS Produkt (the predecessor is I.M. Metal), the initial product model is HS2000 (Hrvatski Samokr...
Published: Monday 07 September, 2009
Walther P99 - Pistol by Martin Dolan Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Walther P99 automatic pistol is this company in the newest work which 1997 promote, the empire (Tomorrow Never Dies) will present for the first time tomorrow at the newest volume of 007 movies along with James Bond, and replaced the actor to use more than 30 year PPK pistols, but with the aid of the...
Published: Monday 07 September, 2009
SIG SAUER P226 - Pistol by Martin Dolan Topic: Airsoft – Gun
in 1978 the US promoted the union branch of armed services small arms plan (Joint Service Small Arms Program), wants to select trades the use is 70 remaining years of life the Kirter .45 pistols, was elected pistol's purchase several two to surpass 1,000,000, but the following market potential was h...
Published: Sunday 06 September, 2009
Beretta M92F - Pistol by Martin Dolan Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Beretta M92F pistol, is one kind of modern automatic pistol's representative product. The steeliness sliding way and the barrel, in addition the light metal alloy (aluminum is the barrel which alloy) makes, causes pistol's overall weight to reduce greatly. In handle magazine, also has used the two-...
Published: Friday 04 September, 2009
Glock series - Pistol by Martin Dolan Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Glock pistol makes by no means by entire revertex, the metal material quality still accounted for the pistol gross weight 80, the pistol slippery wrap, the barrel, the fire pin, the firing unit, the spring, the clevis pin were still the forging steel make, Glock will possess on the gun in 1994 the m...
Published: Friday 04 September, 2009
Airsoft G17 Gas Blowback Pistol Review by J Lee Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Airsoft G17 Gas Blowback Pistol Review, Army G17 R17 review , Tokyo marui GLOCK17 review , Mister Glock 17 , KSC g17, WE g17,
Beretta M12-Sub-Machine by Jack Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Caliber -9mmx19 Parabellum span – 418/645mm barrel long -? mm total weight -3720g magazine capacity -40 Italy is world first develops submachine gun's country, the vera. Piluo Sa (Villar Perosa) the submachine gun in 1914 promotes, and invests one time the war, but the German arm force ...
China 79 types-Sub-Machine by Jack Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Caliber -7.62x25mm span - 740mm (expansion) 470mm (fold) barrel long - 225mm total weight - 1900g magazine capacity -20 79 types the 7.62mm submachine gun is the self-protection weapon which for the airborne troops, the scout and the Armed police and so on Special troops uses, with killed ...
China Type 97 - Rifle by Dickson Alesd Topic: Airsoft – Gun
Caliber - 5.56 x 45mm NATO span - 755MM barrel long -? Total weight - 3320G magazine capacity – 30 95 types 5.8mm the rifle in the army stationed in Hong Kong and will equip the entire armed forces gradually, Symbolizes that our country light weapons class has realized the historical le...
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